Karoliina Roos-Santos

weaver & designer of handwoven textiles 

    It`s the materials, the feel of them, and the vibrant colours that have always drawn me to the textile crafts. Weaving was introduced to me by my grandmother. I remember standing next to her floor loom as a little girl, watching her weaving the stripes to the  rugrags that still cover the floors of  our country house. 
    I started weaving my own stripes some 20years later and although many more years have flown by, I still find endless joy in weaving. It`s a continous creative process that doesn`t stop surprising me. The stripes haven`t gone anywhere, but alongside them have emerged more complex patterns, exciting colours and materials, new techniques and the focus on sustainability. I do prefer to use second hand and stock materials for my work.
    Most of my products are unique as I love to evolve and be inspired. At the moment I`m doing a lot of experiments with handpainted warps. It seems to bring yet another dimension to the weaving process.
    All these years I`ve woven for me, for my family and friends. And now finally also for you. 
If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact me. I`d love to hear from you.


2007 - 2017 Helsingin työväenopisto - kudonta

2017 - 2019 Ammattiopisto Tavastia "Wetterhoff" -  kudonnan artesaani

 Opinnot sisälsivät ihanat työharjoittelut:   

  - The London Loom - Lontoo

  - Ruukin kutomo - Mathildedal

  - Hilmala - Helsinki

2019 -   Ammattiopisto Tavastia - käsityöntekijän ammattitutkinto

2021 - Pro Artisaani ry - jäsen